Franchise Today Podcast

Last week our President Michael Poates was a guest on the podcast Franchising Today. Along with sharing a little about his multi-faceted career in the food industry, he had the opportunity to tell the storied history of the Gatti’s Pizza franchise and the current plans for growth and expansion. Here are a few of Michael’s takeaways from that interview.

I don’t call them turnarounds as much as re-energizing brands.”

Gatti’s has been one of the most beloved names in the pizza industry since 1969. We’re an iconic brand with a celebrated history, committed to reaching an underserved and often overlooked market segment: America’s families.

As a salute to our past and a commitment to our future, we’re proud to reintroduce the Gatti’s concept — through two franchise models: a fast-casual Mr. Gatti’s Pizza or a family buffet and entertainment center Gatti’s Pizza — with a renewed focus on growth and expansion across the Southeast and Midwest. With this new direction, we will keep our flavors fresh and our guiding principles true to our heritage.

“This is a business of humility and service.”

Gatti’s Pizza franchisees often invest for the benefit of their community. They know Gatti’s Pizza can become a local hub for community gatherings — a place to connect with friends, families and schoolmates.

“The greatest reward of owning a Gatti’s Pizza franchise is being able to provide a service for the community,” says Diana Barnette, franchise owner in West Virginia. “The kids come in and love it. They’re laughing, and they’re playing, and they’re loud. They’re having a good time, and they’re safe. And they’re full, they’re fed, they’re having fun. That’s the best reward.”

“To let businesses turn, you have to have the strength and character to let people do their job.”

As we embark on this renewed path for the Gatti’s brand, we are seeking passionate entrepreneurs who want to bring our beloved pizza and wholesome family fun to their communities.

There’s an exciting opportunity that awaits the right investor. And nowhere else can you find the nostalgia that exists with our brand. Everyone has a favorite ‘My Gatti’s’ story, recalling their hometown destination and the fond memories created at that favorite place. Likewise, we can point to our franchise owners who remain dedicated to the restaurants that have become landmarks in their markets. As we approach our 50th anniversary, there is a young and vibrant feel for a legendary institution that is taking place. And we are inviting the right partners to be part of that powerful journey, giving them an incredible franchise model to embrace as their own.

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